Your advantages with ILD®

The expert for flat roof leak detection and monitoring

It is particularly important, especially for new constructed buildings, to have flat roofs areas inspected by a specialist company as part of the “Quality Assurance Certification”.

Almost 60% of of new flat roofs construction is found to suffer from moisture penetration at some point, creating long term damage, which can then only be repaired at immense cost.

Precise leak detection of your flat roof waterproofing system not only saves “you” the building owner, time, stress and replacement costs, but also provides  confidence in the long term protection of your building project.

… because experience creates trust!” this is particulary important in these situations!.

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Your advantages with ILD®

Root Source analysis with the right partner

Our qualified, experienced  highly motivated staff will do everything they can to provide you with as many benefits as possible. We give you not only modern, precise location of your leak, but also put your flat roof in safe hands for the long term.

  • Comprehensive source investigation and consultation when there is moisture ingress
  • Use of well-proven, effective measuring techniques
  • Roof ballast (such as vegetation) need not be removed
  • Leak detection test upon termination of warranty
  • Quality certification for construction companies and architects
  • Independent, completly neutral flat roof inspection / investigation
  • Patented measuring technology (ProtectSys B®, ProtectSys WM)
  • Precise documentation of the projects inspection and the results
  • Co – operation with numerous waterproofing manufacturers
  • Close co – operation with qualified surveyors and roofing experts

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