Leak detection with smoke or tracer gas

This is how we make your roof damage visible

Leak detection by means of smoke or tracer gas allows us to find the exact location of the problem. These methods are optimal for connecting/abutting areas and roof penetrations. Both of these methods are also suitable for roofs with a plain, smooth surface finish.

Leak detection using smoke - air mixture technology

By means of a side channel compressor, an air cushion consisting of a smoke-air mixture is fed into the insulation layer of the waterproofing system. Within a very short period, a visible mist is distributed throughout the insulation layer package which emerges from penetrations and breaches, making the points of damage clearly visible.

Leak detection using tracer gas

Tracer gas, similar to the smoke-air mixture, is allowed into the insulation layer and escapes from the roofing system through the points of damage within the membrane surface. These problem issues can now be located over the membrane surface by means of special locating devices using optical, as well as acoustical signals.