Is your flat roof leaking?

We locate leaks using innovative leak detection technology

The decision for flat roof construction is very clear – it offers high flexibility with regard to various types of superstructures, as well as building extensions with low weight and cost ratio’s.

Moisture penetration within flat roof construction is much more difficult to locate, than other types of roofing. For this reason, ILD® uses leak detection techniques and installs monitoring systems adapted to the individual requirements of a wide range of flat roofs. What is needed? 20 years of experience and comprehensive equipment for the most varied leak detection methods! This makes ILD® the world’s No. 1 in roofing and waterproofing integrity testing.

With our innovative leak detection techniques, all breaches and leaks are effectively discovered.


Pin Point- leak detection with the assistance of electronic impulses.

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Smoke and Tracer Gas

Detect flat-roof defects quickly and visually.

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Humidity measurement

An accurate moisture measurement provides the practical basis for future roof refurbishment measures.

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Dryin out of the roof insulation layer

Has the damage already occurred? Avoid high costs and repairs! We will dry your insulation package quickly and cost effectively.

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