Innovative monitoring solutions provide security for your building portfolio

Is your flat roof at risk?

Our companies 20-year experience within flat roofing show that 60% of all flat roofs experience some form of moisture penetration from the point of project completion! A flat roof without a monitoring system can often be compared to surfing the web without a virus scanner !! – it may create vast financial risks that impact on the entire property and carry severe financial consequences.


The advantages of flat-roof monitoring

Are you prepared for the consequences and subsequent internal damages?


Moisture penetration into the building


There is no evidence of moisture penetration:

Dangerous! Leaks in the waterproofing membrane often remain unnoticed within the building envelope, due to a correctly installed vapour barrier membrane.

How can these problematic issues be prevented

Secure your flat roof waterproofing properties by installing permanent monitoring, through innovative leak detection systems, which will provide the highest level of investment security and long-term property values.


We install innovative product solutions which detect issues that would otherwise go undetected/ unnoticed.

Protectsys® B

With the ProtectSys® B system, your flat roof can be reliably monitored and sources of moisture penetration can be precisely pinpointed.

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Protectsys® WM

Our wireless monitoring, early-warning ProtectSys® WM system offers the perfect roof overview, thanks to the very latest advances in sensor technology.

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