Complete control with ProtectSys® B

Integrity test with forethought

Proceding without installing a leak detection system can be a very costly experience. With ProtectSys® B we guarantee you full control over your flat roof project . This innovative product is currently the ONLY system able to instantaneously detect apparent faults within the waterproof membrane.

The ProtectSys® B system consists of a highly electrically conductive material layer, which is laid directly beneath the waterproofing membrane. Two contact plates are integrated within the roof system and a measurement cable is laid onto the waterproofing membrane surface, at the roof perimeter.

An intermittent electrical pulse is applied to the measurement cable, which then flows across the saturated waterproofing membranes surface. and is then led back from the electrically conductive layer to the pulse current generator. The flow direction of the current under the waterproofing is measured and the leak is exactly pinpointed.

Prove your forethought: Trust ProtectSys® B!

This is what ProtectSys® B looks like

ProtectSys® protects every roof - but especially: